Forgive Me

By Damien Knight

Forgive the words I spoke
Forgive my desire to see you free
The writing, my poetry, is for the lady
For the dragon queen, lady of shadows
My visions are of her, still I spoke
I was honest as my heart could be
I had to you were so sad, it isn’t me
No it isn’t my love you seek
Even if it were be honest with yourself
My flower, you are already bound to a man
Yes, this is something I have come to understand
You already wed, am I wrong to assume
Don’t answer, don’t say, how painful
Passion is a curse for men such as I
But I knew for all my lines don’t lie
My poetry says clear one left me for another
Yes, but it wasn’t she who answered
How I ache when I dream of Aniya, dear
How I long to hold her, make all clear
I am sorry, If only you were my Sora…

Forgive me, you are not mine to claim
Forgive me, yet I’d still say the same
Forgive me, not a word I would have changed
Forgive me, I spoke my heart, Don’t think it strange
I simply ask forgive me, I don’t mean you pain

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