Constant Vigilance

By Damien Knight 

Horrified, absolutely astonished how long I didn’t know
Watching me, reading since almost as far as May
Not a clue I had, silent I was stalked like prey
My blood rises with anxiety say it isn’t so
Who would watch months watch silent like the Truman Show
Was I so oblivious I should have guessed at this                                                 
I was painting words back then for another in bliss                                            
Clueless another was there at all if I checked, would I know                            So clueless! Ignorant of how to work statistics for months! Fantastic!             
Still what could I have done? Is there a thing different I would say?               
After all now I am happy, delighted and plead my guests to stay                       
My love of writing, women, science and education isn’t a gimmick                
A lesson learned here on blog management, at least I may say                 
Keep watching my friends it’s better than the Truman Show                           
Stick around, what is here is real and I would hate if you had to go
It is because of you I now post here every day

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One comment on “Constant Vigilance

  1. dark dreams unseen I wait
    I cannot find her
    visionless I sleep


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