In a Vision

By Damien Knight

There great stone dragon stood
I before it in the meadow
To implore of my destiny
And of the lady of the woods
The mist rose up with chimes
As of bells of temple prayer
Priestess once dragon stood there
“Forward young man,” Like music
Prostate before her I bow
Certain to know the truth
Stern she commands “stand!”
I do, “I will answer you now.”
A voice like the goddess rings
“Ask your guide, let her answer.”
“I seek the one, I seek her.”
“Tell me what is her name.”
Her hair ribbon she unties
Steps forward and speaks
“That which is ‘A’ has loyalty.”
“And of H tell me no lies.”
She grins “No love from L.”
Mist rose, voice divine echos
“You must return, you must go.”
Like words on wet paper she fades

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