Desire denied (2012)

By Damien Knight

What is this going through my mind.
I feel like I melted inside.
I want to run but I can’t hide.
The lost one that you must find.
How do I reconcile with myself,
the past is the past they say
why does today blend into yesterday?
I am not sitting on the shelf
I am no longer supposed to long
My desires should be met
Why then isn’t all fulfilled yet
Suck it up become strong
We can’t muddy the river
Cannot reopen love so scarred
I am damaged I am marred
But without you I wither
I swallow my love and pride
I hold it in and forget the past
It is gone not meant to last
Just know I never lied
I will be loyal until the end
Even if I cannot feel
Even if the dreams can’t be real
I will keep you close as my friend

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