By Damien Knight

I often hope you are
doing what’s best for you.
You were my shooting star
You who I knew so long.
My friends, they know
I trust their judgement
I had to let go.
Those who felt left behind
Ya know I never meant to.
Love makes a man lose his mind
It also makes me true.
Need me to skin someone alive
for ya I will!
If you need me at your side
to cheer on your joy I will.
I am fiercely loyal to the end.
My sword is their honour, dignity.
Beware any who would hurt my friends
For you will have to face me

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2 comments on “Loyalty

  1. Unknown says:

    I don’t think people always do whatever best for them. Some people just give up because they are not strong enough to face the consequences. Some people just can’t decide what is best for them because they can’t find the truth. When everything is unclear how can somebody make any decision? on what bases?


    • No people don’t always do what’s best. The first lines of the poem are directed at an old friend who I no longer talk too. He was a partier, addict and womanizer in his youth. One can hope he grew up out of that.

      As for your questions. Unclear? My wondering is why were they?


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