Your Bard, Her King

By Damien Knigbt

Listen to the words of the bard
Hear him speak that you might not sorrow
Only line and verse convince you
But it isn’t me, yesterday, today or tomorrow

This is my lair, my home, my abode
And here I am the dragon king
Would he claim such fancy title
Then why believe when it is I, Koraki who sings

I have intentionally not written verse
As often as I had, lest it confuse you
But this is my cave, mine, I was here first
I should not have to tread soft in my castle

I am but a bard to you, singing song
Aniya she’s out there, my queen my everything
It is for her ultimately I crow verse for
And when I find my soulmate I’ll be her king

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8 comments on “Your Bard, Her King

  1. Unknown says:

    My apologies. I know you are bearing me from long time because of some confusion. I am trying hard to stop attaching myself to your poems. Believe me I will stop it very soon.


    • my heart weeps for you. You who are so forlorn and lost with love. a princess who seeks her prince. I told you go to him direct, be brave. chase love. I encourage you to be happy. I know how the heart can ache. Koraki sings his mournful crowing, love lost, love found. Who has not once felt their heartbreak?


  2. Unknown says:

    But I am really thankful to you. You were always patient to bear all the stupid things I did. Please forgive me for whatever I have done.


  3. Unknown says:

    No, I wasn’t like this just one month back. It’s just happened that I read your poems and they were so much related to what happened between my prince and me. That awakened all my feelings for my prince again. I never knew I am so weak. I never allowed anybody to come near me. It’s true love is blind. Even after you repeatedly telling me that it’s not he but you, I just can’t see it. I am so surprised of my own behavior.


  4. Unknown says:

    But I am sure, my mind will soon accept the fact. I just hope I don’t trouble you again. I am trying hard to ignore the poems.


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