Speaking Up: A Childhood Tale of Bullies and Love

By Damien Knight

When I was 10 I was best friends with a girl I will simply call Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars was this cute epileptic girl with nerdy pink glasses. When I met her she took my arm and said “You’ll be my best friend.”

I was in a new country I needed a friend. Well Mars was a regular target of school bullies. I had just came from a school where I was the target and knew how awful that was. The first time I witnessed it with her it was 2 boys known for being trouble makers. They spat on their pizza and offered it to her.

It was such a cruel thing to do. Sailor Mars would have ate it if I hadn’t spoke up. Apparently this was a common game for them and I ended up in a few scuffles over her. I was always careful about these though because I wanted to avoid the principals office.

Mars was on of my few friends that year. She was my first girlfriend. It hurts that I can’t even talk to her anymore.Anyway thats the story of the first time I stood up for someone else being bullied.

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