By Damien Knight

How embarrassing for this white boy from kentucky!
How silly, foolish and sheepish of me.
The world is huge out there, the universe bigger.
And lady luck would not be so kind that I find her!
Chance meetings is not how one finds true love.
No destined fate guided by a god above!
I fall in love easy, it’s a tragic truth
Been this way ever since I was a youth.
My poor tear stained pillow sheets
Lament that she and I won’t meet.
My empty and aching heart comes here
To vent my frustrations and my fears!
The page is my home, and guest you can see
I am a wounded bird, flailed in agony.
Foolish Koraki, love is his to write but never grasp!
Don’t drive my pain worse is all I ask.

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