For You I Cry

By Damien Knight

I don’t have the will, I’ll never love again.
I burned bright with you princess.
Is it true, must all things end?
I own it, my own bullet did this.
I killed what ever chance we had.
It almost was, I love you above all.
My glass shattered heart broke bad
As I slam the door and watch it fall.
I should have kept my walls, been secure.
To admit I am crying is weak but true.
I would never of left you, but I’m unsure.
You would not hold me now, as I would you.
Sunday I was perfect, today I’m weak.
Sunday I was your king on pedestal.
Tomorrow we won’t even speak.
My fault I was such a fucking fool
Once more no woman could love me.
I was used and left to dry
Too blind by my love I now see.
Still I love you, for you I cry!

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