Seeking Her

By Damien Knight

The Shadow Knight is not all seeing
The warrior not all knowing.
No I have no claim to godhood
I just a way of mortal being.

I am known by my flitations.
This prince a lover of so few
An entertainer of the world.
Few have the tenacity, patience

Aniya is it true or am I alone?
No Aniya isn’t real just a dream!
A name for the one who holds my soul
I won’t find her here I am on my own.

I keep writing filled with heart
That dreams can come true.
She will find me and be my wife.
Lady of shadow may we never part.

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5 comments on “Seeking Her

  1. Unknown says:

    I am sorry. If I have disappointed you. Please forgive me. You know all my comments are for my prince. Somehow I felt it is he. If it is not he then please delete those comments.


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