Dear Aniya

By Damien Knight

Every morning I wake alone.
Every night I lie in my nest.
Wondering why I’m on my own,
When I gave you the very best.
I see you with him, the way I wish
I could be, oh my princess bride
Is it my pain you relish?
A prince Humperdink at your side
While noble Wesley waits sword in hand
Have I not loved you true?
I take my blade and make my stand,
What, my lady, will you do?
Will you break poor Koraki?
Tell me pretty little nothings,
Over and over lie that you love me?
Am I not your true king?
No, you don’t love me at all,
You always choose others.
Yet you’ll let me hopelessly fall.
Baby I know I am better.
All you have to do is choose me
Aniya, I want you here
I love you beyond my sanity
So, come live with me my dear

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