By Damien Knight

Can I pour my soul into you?
Alas is that what lonely men do?
A damaged painting, corners torn,
Broken and faded we mourn
Our time lost to ego.
To the idea sometimes you just let go.
Your knight lost his purpose,
Felt his life was worthless.
Yet here I am and I live,
My heart, my soul I give.
Inside my body aches.
How many times, how many heartbreaks?
Would you return my kiss?
Would you smile at this?
Be my queen, hold onto my heart
Darling we will never be apart.

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5 comments on “Aches

  1. Unknown says:

    My heart and kiss are only to ‘My Damien’. Eager to see him. It is not ego, it is the confusion. Am I talking to my knight? Soul says YES. Wish, if only this confusion was not there. This lady would come running for him and give him what he is asking for.


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