Trust Me My Love

By Damien Knight

I tell myself to leave my heart at the door
this ain’t about love anymore.
I say I need these walls if I wanna stay.
That this is just a game we play

but that’s not who I am.
I’m just not that kind of man.
To act on lust and desire
without my love on fire.

I keep thinking of you,
of all the things we’d do,
the past,present, and what can be
if only you put your trust in me.

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2 comments on “Trust Me My Love

  1. Unknown says:

    How can I trust somebody who straight away denies that it is not he.
    You know, those people are lucky, whom they love are also loved by that person.
    If I knew I am one of those lucky people, at least that day I would have been on top of the world.


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