Crystal Dreams

by Damien Knight

Who was the girl in my dreams?
She was new.
Blonde hair, eyes light blue.
Who was she that I did see?
She didn’t resist,
I went for the kiss.
What kind of dream is this?
Was it you, my Ellewyn?
A ghost in my pale blue house?
Sat on my bed, lipstick in hand,
Eyes on me pierced, a command.
Those crystal orbs like the sky.
Won’t shake my words,
“I love your company,
Stay with me.”
Arms around you we kiss,
That is the love I miss.
I sit crying at the memory.
You closed the door,
And were lost to me.
I will love you forever,
My tears like streams.
I can’t forget our shattered dreams

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2 comments on “Crystal Dreams

  1. Unknown says:

    Again misunderstanding….
    I can’t write as good as you.
    “Dream or True”? I was talking about the girl, who always thought whom she loves, hates her the most. When she realized the truth, was wondering whether she is dreaming or is it really happening. And she was right it was her dream. She just wants to forget it as one more beautiful dream.
    Happy for you. You found somebody, who is more suitable to you. Stay always happy that’s all I want!
    The more I write, more misunderstandings. So I stop here…


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