My Offering     

By “Ayana Kanosis” 


Take my bloody heart

Tear my body apart

I lived for you

I will die in you

This is my wretched life

And I am not the wife

I expected to be

I wonder if you see

My deepest desires

Feel the burning fires

That is my bleeding arm

Watch the cut no harm

This is my devotion

My blood in motion

You are my sun and moon

My shadow in the noon

And here I am at your altar

To give you my offer

My ultimate sacrifice

You are my ultimate vice

I made you into my lord

And I worshiped you with my word

I hold this bleeding heart

Taking it you tear it apart

You hated me so much

Yet you longed for my touch

Now have me forever

For the dead can’t move, ever

And that I give to you

My one love so untrue


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