By Damien Knight

(Dedicated to a friend who is a friend no more.)

Sometimes we get caught
In our self-made illusions
And believe our nightly visions
To be real, our dreams cannot lie
We believe ourselves to be powerful
To have magic and knowledge
From places unknown
Yet when we awake we must leave It
The delusions, the fantasy behind
For when we wake we are human
Not guardians, dragons, or demons
Nor are we shadow knights or elves
Just human in every way
So hear me my friend, wake up
Wake up from the nightmare
From your shell-shocked state of loss
Realize your humanity, mortality
I no longer believe your story of power
I want my friend back the way he was before
I want my brother back, my best friend
His lies eaten him, his loss consumed him
No longer himself and the dark fantasy
Has consumed him forever it seems


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