Lost In Dreams

By Damien Knight

(Poem dedicated to a former best friend.)

Sitting in my dreams
You watch so carefully
Waiting as I fall asleep
And slowly I close my eyes
Know that I can’t deny
That I am dream of you
Dreaming of me as well
And all I could ever tell
Is that dreams are nothing
More than clever lies
We weave ourselves
Little worlds where reality
Is fiction and fiction is reality
And I spread my wings and fly
While teardrops fall in crystal lakes
And hidden desires lie in wait
For me to discover, you call to me
I walk away from you
For dreams are alternate realities
Not meant to come true
You will just lie to me here
As you always do
Don’t believe you in the real world
Then in the realm of dreams
Don’t expect me to trust you
A liar once, a liar always
And that is all that I know true

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