Forgive Me

By “Ayana Kanosis”

I watch my pain
Flow in and out
And pour down
Like the tide or rain

I have always been
Never left, I stayed
Waiting, hoping, nothing
This I will do till the end

Even though it’s pointless
To wait and futile to hope
my heart continues to forgive
Nothing is pointless

So long as I don’t die
I will be there hidden
For I am never in the open
And hidden I cry

Should you ever lose out
I am here waiting silently
Crying desperately forgive me
I believe in you without a doubt

My dream is to die
Peacefully in the shadow’s arms
For he is constant
Until then forgive me I cry

Forgive me for being me
Annoying, pestering, doubtful
All these things I am
Forgive me for I now truly see


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