By Damien Knight

I have drifted

Slowly for so long

On my pain

That I have forgotten

Even how to write

Poetry anymore

I have suffered

Miserably that I have forgotten

How to feel joy

The warmth

Of love

Toss the anchor

Into the stormy

Seas of pain

Cast with your hands

The sails

Tied up

Redirect the

Ship for rainbow skies

And cease drifting

On unpoetic

Oceans of sorrow

Pick up the pen

That Is your helm

And steer your ship

Direct the rudder

To push sorrow behind

And reach for love

Write the words

And take moor

Secure It to

The dock of


And regain security

I stopped drifting

And began writing

And once again

Picked up the pen

To continue my rhymes

And observations

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