A Life

By Damien Knight
I took a life today

I didn’t mean too, 

I wasn’t wanting to murder

But father said I killed her.

Father said I commited slaughter

Yes I took a life today because

Father didn’t have a son but a daughter

Never mind the love I gave

Trips to the lake…
….I will take a life tomorrow


2 comments on “A Life

  1. Kallmann.C says:

    Deep. I took some time to figure out what you are trying to convey. It’s okay, be who you are, you dictate your own life. Do not let anyone else mess up the inner peace inside you.


    • Thanks, i wrote this some years ago when i was disowned. My family eventually came around but the pain. I felt ready to share finally what that was like. Maybe there are others who like me have been through this. They should know they aren’t alone.


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