Easy Halloween Wreath Suitable for Chronically Ill People

Wow a quick cute wreath worthy of love!

Life with an illness


I decided to get into the holiday fun with this adorable wreath! Having several chronic illnesses and POTS, I always have extreme fatigue and my hands become numb after a while. There are a lot of things I am not able to complete but I decided to get involved in the Halloween spirit and make a craft! Remember even though life can be hard, and you’re hurting it’s important to still have fun, and do things to get your mind off of things. I loved this craft and it makes you feel good to accomplish it! Anyone can do it however, for those with a chronic illness and get tired easily this is perfect for you! It was inexpensive, I did it on my couch, and it only took an hour! It didn’t overly tire me out and didn’t make my hands go very numb. I did take several breaks…

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2 comments on “Easy Halloween Wreath Suitable for Chronically Ill People

  1. Thank you for reblogging! I appreciate it 😊


  2. […] out masks and learned to make sourdough breads. Wait, maybe that was just me? Here is a link to a Halloween wreath that’s cute and easy to craftAnd if these ideas aren’t enough you can always read our post […]


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