Shadow Self

By Damien Knight

Blood dark as night
Black and potent
Mixed with the pain
That is your fight
Wondering when you see
That my blood is black
Dark like yours shadow
Ropes bind no slack
Keeping me my shadow
Chained to nightmares
Things I fear haunting me
I wake scared
I sleep on edge
Your name the last thought
Your name screaming
Shadows of darkness reeling
Trying to escape
Your name the first I wake
Take it how you see
But leave me my heart to break
This is where I am failed
Waking cuts on me
Sleeping bruised
Begging silently
Can’t be me
Words harsher than a Knife
I am slaughtered
By this life
Without you, death consumes me
Without you, shaded self,
I am a shadow’s shadow
Of a dream unreal


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