Facing the Journey

When life just feels like a fight you have to find ways to keep pushing.

Feeling Suicidal

Raw , unending, nerve-racking – this is how the days of a fibromyalgia flare-up feel. I have dealt with fibromyalgia for years. It’s given me greater sympathy for all the people in this world who live in claustrophobic circumstances. Sometimes I feel like pain cuts me off from my good memories, and makes the future impossible. After all, every day is turned into a challenge – oftentimes a wilderness that must be traversed.

What circumstances in your life make you able to relate to this sort of struggle, at least to some extent? What circumstances in your life are making you feel stuck in the wilderness today?

When I take my eyes off of my own problems, I see so many people around me who face the daily pain of hard circumstances that just don’t let up. These people so often try to soldier on so bravely, but I think…

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