‘Genderfluid isn’t real’

A good explanation of Gender Fluid.

Unite UK

The most common misconception about Genderfluid individuals is that they don’t exist. But this is far from the truth, in fact there are thousands of us throughout the world & we are very much real.

The first step in understanding Genderfluid individuals, is to understand the term ‘Genderfluid’ and what it actually means.

Genderfluid people are part of the nonbinary umbrella. But instead of gender being static, genderfluidity describes the possibility of switching. Genderfluid people describe their gender as changing, as being fluid, thus the term.

In basic terms, Genderfluid individuals ‘switch’ between genders, thus meaning that their gender is fluid.

There recently has been a lot of exposure towards these individuals including TV series, YouTube videos & news articles. But this has had both a positive and negative effect.

The most obvious positive effect is that there is a lot more exposure meaning that society as a whole is…

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