Innocence: An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

Napidő 4, Nyǻ Közep

I loved like no other man but my heart was shattered. I wanted to be a villain. No, I was told I was the villain and so I believed.  I became bitter. I committed acts of bitterness and believed them to be evil. She saw past the bitterness. It wasn’t right away. In her eyes I was a monster, the demon of her nightmares. But, I was also her comfort. She did not know it was me.  I fell in love with her grace, she fell for…

…I do not know for even now I am bitter. Even so, when she laughs it brings me joy. She comforted my pain. Her hand on my shoulder she whispered it was ok, that she understood. I held her I never wanted to hurt her. We kissed, this time it wasn’t empty, it was real.

When I kissed her it all melted. My pain was a distant memory. I knew I had to marry her, I loved her genuinely.

She led a charmed life, sheltered she was safe. I did not share this good fortune. My life was war. I saw death as a young boy. I was a teenager when I first killed. She never left her village, never killed a man. It felt cruel to train her for war. How could I strip her innocence?

I started by changing her irreparably. I introduced her to the ghost of Lady Elewyn. Elewyn knew death. She took Elewyn’s hand and Elewyn vanished, her soul imparted knowledge.

Koraki Saros Kanosis


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