A Desperate Dream

By Damien Knight


I loved like no other man but my heart was shattered!

She was my desire, my every dream.

Waking is a nightmare, finding her not real.

Despair would fill every crevice, every seam.

Ebony haired, emerald eyes, ruby lips

my hands reach desperation on my fingertips.

Craving her voice like a lost ballad

the denial of her leaves my skin pallid.

How can I breathe when she takes my air?

Don’t you know how wretched I am

waking alone in sweat soaked despair?

I look in every pair of eyes I see

alas when will I see that angel face?

Have pity on this poor basket case

I cannot sleep any more, eyes encircled

all because of that beauty I marveled

If only I could never wake again

I would stay forever there with Ana.

Weeping when the night ends

for seeing her is life manna.





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