Frogs- The Thin Green Line

By Damien Knight

An essay about the frog documentary “The Thin Green Line”

This video was about the various causes of frog decline. It starts with talking about how frogs have been around 250 million years. The video shows two similar frogs with different parenting styles. How frogs protect themselves from predators with camouflage or poison. Frogs though are in danger; they are a bellwether animal or an animal that can mark important changes in the ecosystem. This is due to their porous skin which they drink and breathe through.

The main reason frogs are disappearing is a fungus called Chytrid that attacks the frog’s skin making them unable to breathe. The other major cause is other parasites, chemical dumps and habitat loss or change. Various arks are in place holding and breeding rare frogs to re-establish in the wild. The dangerous chemicals affecting these frogs can have long-term effect on us.

I found the video interesting as I had never heard of Chytrid. I knew about the parasite that added limbs but was unaware that other disfigurements had been found. It made me feel even worse for accidentally stepping on a toad the other day. I knew female frogs could become male or at least heard they could but was shocked that a fertilizer chemical was turning males into females. Over all was very educational.


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