Rekindled: An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

Anika walked through the shopping mall. It had been weeks since her and Koraki spoke. The argument was over a simple cup of coffee, but Anika had built rage and stored it. She left distancing herself from him and her handmaiden, Sallandra.
Anika wondered if Koraki was with another woman now? Her stomach turned. The idea of someone else in his arms made her sick with jealousy but she didn’t dare tell him these thoughts.
Anika wandered into a store that carried dark clothes and odd jewellery. She glanced at a red and black corset dress. Maybe this would keep her mind off him. She then heard a cashier talk to another costumer.
“Can I help you today?”
Anika panicked when a familiar baritone replied. Why was he here? He pointed to tongue rings in the case.
“Oh! Yes, I would like the purple ones there please.” He said, “And the black brow ring too.”
“Let me get those out for you.” She answered.
The cashier went to get the key to unlock it. Anika hid in the clearance area her heart pound. She wasn’t sure she was ready to confront Koraki yet. She wasn’t sure she could look him in the eye. A brow ring, she thought, He pierced his brow? She wanted to see if it looked good, to touch it. Just then the voice interrupted her thoughts.
“I know you are there Anika,” He said.
Anika stepped out and gave a shy wave. Koraki smiled as the lady unlocked the case and retrieved the jewellery. Koraki pointed to his brow.
“Come, look at what I did,” He laughed.
“Did it hurt Koraki?” She whispered.
Anika crept closer and placed a finger on it. Koraki’s behaviour perplexed her. He acted like nothing was wrong. How did he forgive so easy?
“Yeah, a bit. I mean they shoved a needle in my eye. I missed you, Princess. What you been up too?”
Anika followed him as he went to the cash register to pay.
“Watching the kids, shopping, talking to Mum.”
Koraki nodded, then turned to look at her. His blue eyes warmed to her. Without saying a thing, he hugged her and let go.
“That’s fantastic! Seems like things are going good then for you?” He grinned.
“No, No Koraki they aren’t.” She blurted, “I don’t want to be alone to be without you.”
“You left on your own and whenever you feel ready, I am always there for you. Now come if you choose, I am going to the food court for a bite to eat.”
Anika nodded and followed. He was so confident she did not understand that as he spoke he doubted that she would come back to him. She didn’t know how much he missed her. Koraki sat down and she sat next to him.
“So, um, yeah I am not great at this but Anika…” He trailed.
“Sora, I,” He blushed, “I would like to ask you out on a date. What do you think?”
Koraki had brushed her hair from her face. Anika gazed back confused, he even called her Sora.
“What do you mean a date? What do you do on dates?”
“Well when a guy likes a girl, he’s supposed to ask her out. Like, take her to movie or go to dinner. Um, I never was good at that though, asking a girl. Guess I don’t like hearing no. But I will take the chance with you. I love you.”
“A movie sounds nice. I would love to see the next “Harry Potter” movie. Do you want to see it?”
He nodded, “Actually, I wanted to see the new Pirates movie. Want to go this Friday?”
Anika squealed in surprise at this and threw her arms around him.
“Yes, oh Yes! I can’t wait.”
“Perfect so see you Friday then? You know you can call me anytime you want right?”
Anika’s face dropped, and an air of seriousness filled them. She lowered her head and spoke with soft hesitance.
“Koraki, should we stay, um, separate then for a while?”
“Oh, living arrangements. Um, yes prolly. We have smothered each other, Anika. I apologize for expecting too much of you. Now,” He stood up, “Give me a hug.”
Anika hugged him tight, and she looked up into his eyes. Koraki smiled, a grin so evil, so corrupted, and yet that jagged gleam brought her comfort. He pulled her in and she kissed those dark lips. He had forgiven her and still loved her. They could make this right, she could be his again.
“I love you, Koraki,” She whispered.
“I know.”
Koraki vanished from her arms. Anika’s heart pounded as her the emptiness once more filling her. No, she had to think positive. She was still his after all.

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