My Life Partner

By Damien Knight

I took a long time to realize what defined the perfect love. I picked many wrong people to love in the past. I thought love was defined on looks or who was popular. I thought those who were the right ones for me would be “strong enough” to control me, that I must date the bad guy to be cool. I was wrong.

I learned through trial and error what defined the perfect life partner. In fact, I know now I have that perfect life partner, my loving husband. Aaron is strong in character. He is open-minded and yet firm when defending those against wrongs. He is a good parent and a loving husband.

My partner is into similar things I am into. He likes video games and plays Magic the Gathering. My spouse sets up family nights for martial arts and he will have D&D (Dungeon and Dragons) dates with just me and him. He is witty and adventurous.

The perfect love had to love animals and my partner does. My spouse helps me take care of a household with four pets. He donates to animal wildlife causes too. He cares about animals as much as he cares about people.

My Spouse is loyal to his friends. If his friends need him, he is there for them. My partner has often given rides to his friends to places and gone to eat with them. He is a good friend.

Aaron is loyal to his family. He takes me to all my appointments sometimes even leaving work when it is allowed. He knows how important our family’s education and helped me put the children in childcare so I can continue my schooling. Whenever his mother needed him to care for her, he was there helping around her house while she would recover. He is a loving son who was there for his mom as much as he could be during her various surgeries for breast cancer and treatments of MS.

Aaron is a loving father who supported me through both pregnancies. Who kissed away the pains of labor and held my hand. He saved my life even and for this I will love him eternally. He saved me and my son both by finding a midwife who would treat me honestly.

Aaron is patient and kind. He has helped me with the process of raising a son with seizures and attention problems. Even though it took our son until he was almost four to potty train, my partner helped me train him. He is an encouraging father who gives high-five’s and hugs when he sees his children succeed and says try again when they fail.

My partner is open-minded. The things I told my husband would make other men walk away. He has accepted me and does not care what I identify as so long as I love him. He supports me and so in return I support him.

My partner has been by my side through sickness and in health. When I tried to take my life he brought me back. He held me as I signed myself into the hospital and he wiped away my tears. Aaron came to visit every chance he could, and he called me when he could not. He has stayed with me through good times and bad. When we had nothing else we at least had each other. That was enough for us to celebrate living together.

My partner proposed the day after thanksgiving. He gave me a basket with stuffed cats that mewed and inside that basket was a wrapped box. When I opened it, there was a heart shaped garnet ring with a gold band. He said the words I had hoped for, “Will you marry me?” This was before I learned all those above qualities. I knew he was the right one even then because the perfect love would defend me against his own In-laws, my parents.

My perfect love two months before proposing met my parents. It was not a pleasant event as my dad accused him of being too old for me and my mom said he was not supposed to be there. They ridiculed me saying that my outfit looked as if I was playing dress up. My now husband hurled back “Is this how you treat your own children and you call yourselves Christian!”

Yes, the one I would spend my life with would protect me from my family. Aaron would hold me through flash backs of abuse. He would guide me through my grief at the loss of my childhood. He would carry me up the stairs when my body would go numb. He would do more than any every had.

So what defines a perfect partner? What would they have to be like for me to spend the rest of my life with? The perfect spouse is my beloved husband Aaron.

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