What is a Juggalo

Written By Damien Knight

(I use to be a huge fan of Psychopathic records about 5 years ago when I wrote this rant. I still like ICPS old stuff. Anyway, still stands fans of a music group are not criminals.)

I have heard many times the hate people have for my ‘family’. They spit on my music and associate me with the lunatics who claim “the music made them do it.” Hell, I cannot stand it. It makes me livid. I do not care if you had some bad experience because some criminal screwed your life up. It wasn’t the music it was because they were a criminal. It is like saying BDSM makes me an abusive boyfriend.

I am tired of that excuse that the music is to blame. Like my girl said does that mean Manson should be charged for the Columbine killings? Should Vampire the Masquerade be blamed for murder and blood feeding sprees? Should BDSM be blamed for crimes of rape or bestiality? No! No! No! What is to blame is human sickness. Human trash acting as trash is to blame. You want someone to blame then take it to the people who caused you the harm but not on my family not on my crew. Every YouTube video of a ICP song I see hatred spewed but it is never coming out of the mouth of a Juggalo it’s always out of people who despise us.
We try to explain that not all of us are on drugs, that we aren’t a gang, that we have kids of our own and that we do have an education. I am a Biology major with a 3.2 GPA. I have two children and a husband and am not against gay marriage. I despise bigotry and ignorance. I can write in proper English and I bath regularly. Most of the Juggalos I have met are the same way.

We are not a gang we are a fan-base. Kiss fans aren’t gangsters are they, nor are Manson fans or I don’t know KJ52 and Eminem fans. What was that lyric in one of his songs:

“They say music can alter moods and talk to you
Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too
Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude
Just tell the judge it was my fault and I’ll get sued”

Music isn’t what makes a person a good person or bad. A person is a bad person because they choose to be. They are bad because they grew up in a hateful environment around ignorance and crime and even if they knew it was wrong they choose to do it. Music doesn’t make a person unstable illness does. Saying every Juggalo is a killer is like saying every polyamorous person is part of a cult. It’s like saying every white person is part of the KKK.

All Juggalo’s are about is enjoying the music as a fandom. It’s kind of like how all being a Brony is about is watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. We aren’t out being actual “Homicidal Maniacs.” Since a good number of Juggalos are gay or bi I have no idea why I constantly hear claim they are assaulting the “LGBT” community. Like I said most Juggalos I know despise ignorance and those who use music, religion, or any other following to cover horrendous acts often have no idea what they claim they follow even means. After all how many killed in Jesus name when all he asks is we turn the other cheek.

That Is All.

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