Koraki’s Wedding Day: An Aldaria Journal

Napidő 45, Oszi Idő

I was biting my nails truth be told. Today was my wedding day. It was afternoon and I was in the palace dealing with a talking lion when a woman screamed.

“Kill the snakes, just kill them.” She shrieked.

I agreed with the woman and went to kill the snakes. You see that is one of my biggest fears, snakes. You’d be scared too if snakes on earth had the jaws of an alligator. Well, I went to kill what looked like a common boa which was not the type of snake I expected. As I drew my sword, a lioness named Palmer stopped me.

“Koraki, I am ashamed of you killing an animal out of fear. If you don’t want the snake in the palace just tell it to leave. We animals have families too.” Palmer growled.

Just when I thought the palace could not feel more like a zoo a tiger sauntered in. He spoke to the snakes and told them to leave. Meanwhile Palmer berated me more.

“Me and the tiger are just as deadly as those constrictors and cobras yet you do not fear nor banish us from your sight. You do not try to kill us,” Palmer growled.

“I get it Palmer but tell that to the women of my court. I am king I must protect them and if they fear the snakes, if Sal and Susan do not feel protected, then how can they work.”

Palmer growled with discontent at my response. She stalked off while the tiger nudged me. His voice was gruff, and I realized this was a male tiger. I am unsure now why that is important to note.

“Speaking of women of the court, Go, Anika, sent you a letter.”

“A letter? Why she,” I responded.

I opened the letter and began reading aloud.

“Dearest Koraki,

We have been planning this wedding for a while now and the gardens are beautifully decorated. My mother and my adopted mother both wish to attend. I hope this causes no issues as I know that some in the kingdom are troubled that you have chosen to marry me. We had not foreseen this problem as we have been lovers and assumed the people were both aware and accepting.

I have terrible news on that matter, your people still fear dragons and elves. You are binding your interests with both through our marriage and your kingdoms interests. I am for this as I have begged to marry many a time only to have your stern rejection to my hearts dismay. I now wonder if you still wish to pull forward with the plan. The Dragon Council and the Palace of Lenagard await your response.

With all my love,

Anika Sora Tsuki (BlackHeart)”

I felt my heart sink, today was the day we were to wed but my love was not even here. Fear must have kept her procession in Lenagard. Her men Tsuke and Tuk were with her. And the guards I had reminded me of a video game the earthlings are fond of. That thought made me laugh then I realized that game advocated killing dragons and the main race in it hated elves. Had the ideas of Gaia slipped back into our world?

“What the hell” a deep growl inside my head rose as I heard Arajuan’s voice “Get a message back to her dumb ass”

“Sal midear.”

I called out for one of Anika’s hand maidens. The blond girl ran over her eyes sparkled.

“Yes Master?”

“Go to Anika and her men and tell them the wedding is still on if she wishes.”

Sal nodded and ran off. Now to wait. Damn, I thought as I walked to the balcony overseeing the entrance, I hate the waiting. As I watched to my amazement Anika, who was being led by the escort of the elderly Queen Esmir, was just in the distance. Just then two of my guards without orders attempted to attack her. I vanished and reappeared in Anika’s shadow a technique known as Shadow Running.

“Your guards were swift in eliminating them,” I said looking at the dead men.

“Yes milord, we trust you had nothing to do with it of course,” Queen Esmir sneered.

She was right to be leery of me for many years her kind were an enemy of Arajuan.

“Mother, Arajuan was not responsible for this.”

Anika turned her head to address me.

“And you are not supposed to lay eyes on me till we are at the altar as is your peoples custom.”

“I know, I know, but your safety over rides tradition. As king of this land it is my personal duty to escort you and your people to the gardens safely and I will.”

“Some will challenge your claim to the throne once more because of this wedding, how will you answer them?” Anika responded.

“Is it better that you and I have children and remain unwed? Ah but that is not an adequate one is it. I bear the scars of fighting for this kingdom scars my father gave me. My father was Gori I his eldest son, That makes me rightful heir and in due accordance of the law I am to marry a princess of my choice. Now normally my father would have chosen, but he is dead so what can I say.”

“He would never have picked me.” Anika responded.

“And I would never had married either, but hypotheticals don’t matter my love,” I responded.

The palace doors opened and I lead them to the Garden. The palace was filled with the scent of fresh picked blossoms. Red carpets laid in all the halls.
“What sort of scars do you bear in fighting for Aldaria?” Esmir asked, “Do you bear the marks that will return children to their mourning mothers? Children killed by you and your men.”

“He bears those marks mother. I have seen them if you recall. He bears enough scars a map can be made of the lines.” Anika retorted.

The other women blushed at her remark and I smiled at Anika. So willing to defend the man who was to be her husband. I picked a good bride.

“I must get ready. Sal, and Susan seat our guests with the others and let the wedding begin.”

I left them with the hand maidens and hurried off to change to my royal dress armor. It would not be long before she would walk down the aisle. I returned to the gardens and stood where the Mage of Aphrodite was waiting. I looked down the aisle and saw Mika leading her. Anika was stunning, the dress was of such beauty no mortal words could describe it. I took her arm into my own and lead her the rest of the way. As the priest asked the vows and tied our wrists, I kissed my bride. For a moment I wished we hadn’t waited so long, that I hadn’t refused her so many times before. While it hadn’t seemed important it did now, she was happy, and that made the difference.

“Anika, I will love you for eternity.” I whispered.

I swept her from her feet and looked out at those who attended. I addressed them. So many had come out the gardens were full of friends and family. I could see Palmer no longer a lioness but a woman with light sandy hair. I was grateful to all them.

“Thank you, my guests, for attending. We are glad to start this new journey with all of you and now we shall share a feast.”

Yes, it was a good wedding.

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