The Honeymoon: Kimeko’s Plight Begins

An Aldaria Journal

Written By: Damien Knight

Koraki’s wedding had its share of problems. There was the political uprising , death of two of his guards and the assassination suspicions it rose in the Queen Esmir. He was at his wits end, but it wouldn’t be Aldaria if things went to plan.

Koraki sat up in his bed, a cigarette pursed in his lips, his wife dead asleep. Her light snores were all he could hear. It was their wedding night and it started off like any normal persons wedding night. This thought made him smirk, his dark teeth exposed just enough to glint off the moonlight entering the window. He stood up. It was time to leave his bride as he had work to do.

Like a mist, he drifted out of the palace, undetected by his men. He knew he should have stayed, but he was restless and something or someone called to him. He wandered the wind just floating from shadow to shadow. He landed and crept through the brush. As soon as he did a rush of sound surrounded him. He smelt sweet perfume on the wind, his stomach turned at the familiar cherry blossom fragrance. Anika, that was her perfume.

“No, no,” He whispered.

Koraki growled annoyed that she followed. He couldn’t let this show. He was surrounded. He closed his right eye and raised his hand up. He would not jeopardize the mission. He signaled to Socrates with a closed fist. The bird became his eyes.

“Hello gentlemen.”

As he spoke, through Socrates, he saw her step out. He steadied his voice, deepening the tone to not reveal seeing her. He had to act normal.

“I see that I am surrounded. I am foreigner in your land, but I can’t imagine any crime I have committed. I suppose you would like to tell me why you all are pointing guns at me?”

Koraki ignored Anika moving slow in the corner of his sight. He left her at home why was she here? The men raised their weapons and the large man in the center barked orders.

“Keep your hands up. You’re coming with us and so is that woman.”

The man turned his gun on Anika. Koraki did as told. He was not about to make sudden moves now. Not with Anika caught in the mix.

“You, my friend, will regret this,” he retorted.

“I am no friend of yours,” The large man grunted.

The large man had one of the other men push Anika next to Koraki. Anika went to object but Koraki glared at her and they let the men lead them into a large facility.

They led Anika away and pushed Koraki in a padded room. It appeared to be a prison for the insane. He turned to mist and seeped under the door and wandered the halls. He called down the hallways.

“Anika Sora!” He yelled.

It was fitting this place looked like a place for mad men and Koraki felt like a mad man calling for her. As he searched, a young girl approached him. She looked between the ages of 5 to 9. He wasn’t sure. She grabbed his hand her large amber eyes pleaded with him.

“Mister, save my daddy something is wrong with him.”

She drug Koraki over to a man wearing camo. Socrates gave Koraki a good view of the man. He lay as broken doll his clothes hung from him. His skin a pallor only the dead wore. His eyes shut, lips swollen and cracked. It may have been too late to save him.

“Save him, please, he won’t get up.”

The girl pleaded and Koraki knew he must try. He bent over and pulled a scanner from his leather jacket. He scanned the man. The results troubled him. This man was a magic user but something was now eating him away. He turned to the child.

“He needs sunlight. He is dying from lack of vitamin D. Also something is eating his system. Whatever it is it’s not affecting me. That said I can’t heal him. I am sorry,” He stood up, “We have to find milady, understand.”

The girl nodded and gripped his hand. Her blond hair was dingy and unwashed. Her brown eyes had dark circles and her skin was breaking out in the same rash her father had. These people were dying. He followed her as the two called out for Anika.

“I think she is this way. Are you sure she can save us sir?” she whimpered.
“I trust her with my heart” He replied.

He held out his soul crystal. Its garnet black colour pulsed in his hand.
The girl nodded, “That is your heart?”

“Sort of. Look into it. Can you see her, where is she?” He asked.

The girl peered into the crystal.

“She’s fighting some men who are trying to restrain her. They are trying to remove her leather armour and she’s fighting them. She is winning. The cell block is this way, to the left.”

The girl ran down the hallway. Anika burst from her cell with all the fury of a raging storm. The men chased after her. One scrambled to stand and activated a taser on her. She felt the tasers barbs hit her flesh and laughed. She ripped them from her armour.

“Boys, I use to be weak to electricity but, Koraki, he trained me well. He shocked me enough I won’t have to fear your weak tasers.”

She jump-kicked the taser from another man’s hand. She then tornado kicked a different guard in the face. She snatched the taser mid-air and turned it against the last guard.

“Took you long enough. Why are we here?” She snapped at Koraki.

“You weren’t supposed to be here my love; this mission was mine alone.” He growled.

“Doesn’t work that way, mister, where you go, I go. Remember, we swore we would always fight together. No more you running off on missions and me waiting for you, hoping you make it alive.”

Koraki nodded he remembered the early days. It felt like they were long ago. Anika would assigned the tasks and he carried them out. He then came back and enjoyed her company as reward. Now they never parted, and he liked that. He owed his life to her. She owed her love to him.

“People are sick here,” He answered, “these people are being poisoned.”

“Why,” Anika asked.

“We are the undesirables,” The little girl whispered, “We are those in society who are deemed expendable.”

“I may be a Spartan but this world is not Sparta we will get you out of here,” Koraki snapped.

Koraki shook with righteous rage. Expendable, how dare they commit this kind of genocide. He waved his hand and he was wearing his armour. His tattered red cape graced his shoulders where the leather jacket had been.

“You’re the Spartan? I knew it I been praying you would come save us.”

The child grabbed his hand and drug him back to her father. Others now had gathered in the room. It was bleak, a few chairs and a table. It reminded Koraki of an institution dayroom.

“This man is the Spartan I spoke of, he is real.” she announced
The others looked at Koraki and Anika. Their voices grew hopeful.
“You can heal us, right?”

Anika gave a sad shake of her head. Her own face developed the same rash as these people.

“My magic is weakened in this building. The only one not effected is the Death Knight. I assume it is because they are using a biological component to suppress magic and his biology is different. What I can do is get us out of here. Once out I can heal all of us.”

“Then let’s get the fuck on!” Koraki growled.

Koraki jumped into the air and clawed the ceiling through. If you are going to make a concrete bunker, don’t use aluminium for a ceiling, he thought. He tore through and looked outside. Sunrise, perfect.

“Anika, fly these people out,” He ordered.

Anika grabbed a group of them and he grabbed another group. They flew out with them. He landed the girl and father down, as well as a few others. Koraki glanced at her as he escorted more people out using magic to force all the doors open from the outside.

The large man with the gun showed up and pointed the weapon at Koraki.

“What in Sam hell do you think you are doing.”

“Well, this isn’t my country, and I know I am not king here, but I don’t believe in undesirables. Where I come from we don’t imprison the innocent. You can’t hold them in, say they are undesirables then prove it by forcefully weakening them. If you noticed you have done no damage to me. Shoot, I will only stand back up.”

The man tightened his hand on the gun. He shook with fear. He voiced a whimper. Meanwhile Koraki could see that Anika and Socrates had healed the freed prisoners.

“You’re bluffing.” the large guard croaked.

“Shoot damn it,” Koraki growled.

The guard pulled the trigger. Koraki watched the bullet goes through. The hole gaped open and closes just a little. He didn’t flinch, he felt nothing. as the bullet hit his shoulder.

“So, silver huh?” Koraki mocked.

Koraki held his hand out, and the bullet flies into his hand. The guard tried to steady himself, his soldiers rushed around Koraki. Koraki dropped the bullet and blasted the men away. He grabbed the guard by his collar. His right eye narrowed as he spoke,

“So, you knew to shoot the undead with silver. Lot of good that did missing my heart and all. Also, silver doesn’t work on me. I am not allergic. This place will be destroyed and if I see or hear of more trouble your country your king will hear from me. If it means war it means war. Take that message to your king.”

Koraki turned and looked at the building. With a glance it burst into black flames. He then dropped the guard. He turned to Anika.

“Come, my beloved lets go home.”

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