I am Aldra: An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

I was the proud eldest daughter of a warlord king, a godlike man of great honour. My father’s dying wish was that I marry and join our territory with our ally. He pleaded that I marry the ruler of neighbouring kingdom’s son to join our lands. My country became my dowry, and I married the fool of a man. I won’t say I didn’t grow to love him but his bravado made him fool.

My husband was ambitious and formed a treaty with a dragon prince. A treaty after 3 years of war because he attacked them and attempted to conquer their land and add it to our own. He summoned the prince to his palace under pretense of signing the treaty. He underestimated Kyrazosanz.

My husband planned a trap but before he could enact this fowl betrayal, the prince drew his massive sword. With soldiers surrounding him he blasted them. His silver blue eyes burned as he swung the blade. My husband in his confidence wore no armour and fell to the cut. There before my eyes my King was slain, and I kneeled begging for my life. I knew I was no match for a dragon.

Kyrazosanz approached me. He lifted my head with his blade. I shook in fear.

“Dear Aldra,” he mocked, “you played no role in his treachery. I wouldn’t kill you.”

He sheathed his blade and turned his back on me. This tall silvered haired prince left me entranced. Could you blame me for pursuing him? After all, wouldn’t marrying a stronger ruler provide what my father dreamt.

I am Queen Aldra! And Aldaria is my land.

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