Lady Aldra’s Love – An Aldaria Journal

By Damien Knight

I watched him die before me. Not a physical death but a spiritual one. My hand maiden, Mika Tsuki stole my beloved Kyrazosanz’s heart. But Iova tried to steal his soul. I was terrified. He’d killed thousands. It wasn’t that he meant, no the magic he swallowed to protect our world was bursting from him. His beautiful silver feathers ruffled with every blast.

“Run I can’t control it anymore! Run Aldra!”

I could see Mika sobbing, in Kyrazosanz mirror, by a nest of destroyed eggs. Could he have done such a monstrous thing? Killed his own offspring?

“Did you destroy your children to cover your infidelity?” I screamed.
My heart burned with betrayal. My eyes wept with sorrow. I had no time to process the pain as Kyra’s cry echoed.

“Aldra run! Or you’re next I can’t.”

I hadn’t grasped what was going on but I saw the tears in his eyes as he transformed against his will. Instead of a winged man the dragon was now before me. In a raged pain, he growled.

Mika cried out, no longer an image in the mirror my hand maiden, the treacherous snake, was grabbing my arm.

“Run! He swallowed the magic ravaging the land. He’ll kill us. Its controlling him.”

I pushed my former best friend away. She may have thought she loved him but I knew I did and I ran toward my beloved throwing my arms around him grasping his feathers.

“Change back! Change back, please let me take this. Please, I love you!”

//Let go, seal me in here and run!//

He changed back and embraced me.

“Let go! Stop wasting your magic. Please, you need to live.”

“Let me take the consumption from you!”

And as I tried he cried out for me to stop. My body began absorbing the magic and bursting back out from me. The pain was intense and then it all went black. I had died so why could I still think. Kyrazosanz I love you, I’m waiting and I’ll wait a thousand years if I have to.


I can’t believe despite my disloyalty she tried to save me. Now the only love I had is taken! I held her body and rendered a piece of my soul crystal to give to her. It was this act that started the tradition between male dragons giving a small piece of their soul stone to their potential mates. But I wasn’t starting a tradition I was saving her. Her body could be repaired, but I was wrong the damage was too extensive. The crystal simply copied her memories and DNA, her soul, and carried her inside it.

I then gave it to my mistress telling her to run before she met my wife’s fate. I was losing control again! Mika fled without even looking back. Her love was not as strong as she use to claim, I knew she wouldn’t die for me. I counted on it, for Aldra’s sake.

I flew off into the tundra where my brother confronted me. I no longer knew who I was, only the rage. It was there that I died fighting not knowing my own name.

Aldra, I love you and I wait.  I’ll wait a thousand years if I must just to be with you again.

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