By Jayson Knapp


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Hail the blocky world of Minecraft with its annoying creepers and endermen. These beasts take apart all your stuff. Then you have shulkers who make you fly. These too are annoying. Slime and magma cubes behave the same. They both have three sizes. Their moves are jumping and splitting.

There are so many mobs in the game that I had trouble recalling them all. One new one I learned about is killer bunny. There are so many mods for the game that it is hard to find pictures of vanilla mobs.

What is now Minecraft Classic was released to the public May 17th , 2009 . I was about 2 years old at the time. Its initial creator was Jen and “Notch” then it was taken over by Mojang. It started as a computer game but now is on nearly every console. This game is my favourite game.

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