An Aldaria Journal : Diana Rose

Our society was a matriarchal society on the planet Erimos. It was a wind-swept desert planet with scattered oasis’. The planet was not as vibrant as our neighbor Lysandor but we the highest sentient life forms had survived there for a few million years. We even evolved to create technology to travel the stars.

My mother, the queen of Erimos, was a twisted-tongued woman. She was ambitious. She betrayed our allies on Lysandor and attempted an assassination of a young prince. She used my fellow “sisters” as bait with an illusion that made them look like elven women. This incurred the wrath of their queen and her noble husband who used their own spaceships to infiltrate our planet and near wipe out our ecosystem. They rained devastation while mother fled with her soldiers to Lysandor for sanctuary.

We had fled to an over pass and an argument ensued between mother and I. Her “dragon” warriors decided I was a liability and my mother ordered me tossed off the bridge. I was about to be hurled into the canyon when the young and powerful queen of Aldaria came with intent to rescue me. They pushed her into the ropes and told she had no escape when she replied.

“You underestimate a dragon. This will be your last mistake.”

I can still hear my mother telling the woman she looked too young to be a dragon warrior. I still picture the shock on mother as the woman dived to catch me. My savior rising from canyon before my fellow Erpitoni. I was riding on the back of the largest of lizards with wings. It was a sight like they had never seen before, a true dragon.

“This is a dragon.” She declared

From her maw sprayed a fiery acid. My people were annihilated, melted in her glory. My mother laid dead, the dragon crushed her in its claws. Only a small population of Erpitoni survived on Erimos. Even a smaller few live now as I do on Lysandor. I am Princess Roza Diamanti but those who know me call me Diana Rose.


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