An Aldaria Journal: Vyri Lang’s Rage

Written By

Damien Knight

Do you remember what you did to me? I was a little girl just learning to hunt at my momma’s side. I bet you do not even recognize me! Well I know who you are King Koraki. You are “Arajuan.”

You killed her. You killed her and told me to run. How was I to know my mother was a dragon! I was raised with her and my father in an elf village. She had never taken the shape of a dragon. You said run, run little girl, and I did. I hid in a tree. I saw you kill my mother, and she changed, she became a beautiful green dragon with gold eyes. It did her no good to fight as you slew her. I wept, and when I knew you were gone, I stayed by her massive body her crystal stolen.

My father wrenched me away our grief unending. You will never understand my pain. You can never bring her back. You can’t apologize away what you did. I waited by her corpse for her to wake up, do you know what that’s like? My father told me I was such a strong girl, such a brave girl. I didn’t feel brave.

I trained I mastered my bow, my sword and my breath. I trained swearing to avenge her. If you’d never killed her, I might never have known I could breathe such life and such death. Then again, maybe I would have, maybe she would have trained me. I’ll never know because you stole her.

I wish I could make you hurt like I do. I wish you could wake up sweating in fear every night like I did. You’re King now and I’ll never get my vengeance. They won’t allow me, my Hu and the others, but you won’t get my forgiveness. I don’t care how many you saved; I don’t care. The only good thing you gave me was Hu, but I can’t forgive you. I am Vyri Lang a half dragon with a vendetta!

– Vyri Lang


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