The Islana Conflict Memo: An Aldaria Journal

Napidő 8, Nyǻ Közep

Per the request of the war council I am writing this memo. As you are aware my father had recently passed and I, Koraki was handed his staff. The fallout from his rule ending meant it is time that all Lysandor met to redraw political lines. This record is the interaction between me and the King of Islana after the rescue of the half-divine child Kimeko. The subject discussed was his intolerance toward magical blood and his failure to attend the Imperial Alliance Meeting. This memo is to report on my conduct and on possibility of declaring war.

I had marched straight to Islana’s palace doors after discovering the king was holding magicals in death prisons. He also failed to attend the Imperial Dissolution Council, the first of the “Ally Meetings”. I had not required attendance to these but smaller countries that were once part of Aldaria were recommended to send a representative to be prepared for dissolution.

I dodged arrows as soon as I entered, the palace guards attacked me. I had to rip the arrows from my flesh and tossed them aside. They shot at my eyes, which was useless as I am blind, my eyes being dead and empty. Due to my rot, chunks of flesh clung to arrows, but I drank a potion to regenerate the lost bits, so do not worry on my health good sirs. My wrath burned hot at this uncalled for hostility. I was about to blast the guards when the king summoned them back. He greeted me thus and I quote:

“What gives us the honor of the great Lord Koraki’s presence?”

His attitude was disdainful and so my reply was equally so.

“I would watch your tone Mortal. You earned my presence by shutting away magicals and refusing the invitation to the Imperial Dissolution Council. Remedy this and I will let you live.” I threatened him, “You get me. See war with Islana would mean sending the Eternal to kill you that’s how long a war with your little country would last.”

He cared not for my threats and responded. I believe here was the response the council has most interest in, including my own reply.

“Zandikor is dead and Akron does not scare me. He is untrained, wild even. The meeting was optional. I am not required to follow your laws and customs. My people may have pleaded for your help but they owe allegiance to me.”

“In return, you are to provide for them a safe government where all sentient beings are treated equally and given respect due. Zandikor is not dead and nothing is stopping me from destroying this place like I did your little institution.”

I know I was angry as venom dripped liberally from my teeth. I am not a diplomat and I am sure records have shown what the diplomatic envoy I sent said on the matters and whether my behavior in this instance, one of my first foreign policy acts, were appropriate. I admit that I did make threats concluding with:

“You have a week if I don’t hear a response I will make you pay.”

He glared at me when I said this, I know because Socrates was with me. I was not in a forgiving mood and he gave off a terribly uncomfortable vibe. What I said must have had its intended effect because he replied with a promise to remedy the situation. Quoting:

“Understood. I will fix this. Please just leave us in peace and we will attend the next meeting.”

I clarified in my usual fashion:

“Do I have your word? Would you stake your soul upon it?”

“My word is my life, my spirit, and my soul. You have it.” He answered.

“We will see how well you honor that,” I replied.

And so summarizes this missive concerning my interaction between myself and the King Feros of Islana as per the request of the War Council. He has broken his word and I am now requesting a declaration of war to free the people of Islana.

– King Koraki Saros Kanosis


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