Stop, Look, and Listen

By: Aaron Knapp

“Stop, look, and Listen,” three well-known words for crossing the street. Only this time it’s on the grandest of stages.

I received a fountain pen from a friend in Japan. Being my favorite pen it needed refills. After doing some investigating I found that I can get ink for my pen at a Tokyo Hands store. I also wanted to look at some Godzilla statues since the new Godzilla anime was coming out soon and Shin Godzilla that was previously released had sparked my interest.

I bet you’re asking now, “What does Godzilla, a fountain pen, and the title “Stop, Look, and Listen” have in common?” My response is location, location, location. If exit Hachiko rings a bell, then you’re speaking my language. That’s right boys and girls it’s Shibuya, the largest crosswalk known to man.


It starts off as a quiet intersection, but in a matter of minutes becomes a chaotic display of human exodus. You have several hundred people crossing in many directions at once. I set off for this phenomenon, well before noon from my station of choice, Minami-Senju. Once I arrived the crossing flowed with people. After crossing myself I gathered myself and went on my way to find Tokyo Hands. After walking up a small hill I found the shop and had the grail (ink) in my hands.


Mandarake was practically next door to Animate, so I took a quick walk to Animate to waste time until Mandarake opened. After thirty minutes sacrifice to the manga gods I strolled down to Mandarake. I found Godzilla too much to take in for my fancy. I enjoyed looking around the Mandarake shop trying to find the “Destroyers of all Monsters”. I made my way back to Shibuya and found the crossing just how I left it, in chaos. If you don’t mind large crowds and coffee, then Shibuya should be on your list of to do’s when visiting Tokyo.




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