Hope For An Era: Prologue Revised

“Come listen to my tale, lest
we forget the horrors of the -Dragon Wars.”
-Mika Tsuki

In the annals of history many great wars were fought and forgotten. Kingdoms would rise and they would fall but our world was not the birthplace of war. The Divines, the first race through which all races were born, were a peaceful science driven race. They set out to travel worlds and found Earth. They lived amongst the mortals and Earth became a magical place where the inhabitants honored the Divines and Dragons. In return, we blessed them and guided them. both worlds lived in harmony with the pulse of the universe.

As time passed, humans lost touch with Earth and her energy. They became corrupt and destructive, creating vast cities that polluted the land’s magic. This caused the guardians to abandon the land called Earth and return through portals to their home world of Lysandor- now known as “The Realm of Dreams.” With them they brought the first war, a war of hatred and prejudice.

The war was waged between the Divines and the first dragons. The dragons sided with the new race, the elves, a race of magic instead of science. Iova, a divine, returned to Earth and gained followers who persecuted dragons and any who defended magic. I knew earthlings had been corrupted and forsaken us. In return I turned my back, my home world needed me now. I was one of the of the dragons who left Earth to its demise and abandoned humankind. I closed the portal that led to Lysandor and my birth land Aldaria behind me.

After I left, many portals remained, these allowed a great and terrible event to pass, one that changed the Lysandor’s fate. Darkness continued to enter our world and aid in this dreadful war. To prevent this from happening ever again every physical portal was closed sealing the last of Earth’s dragons on earth. All that was left open was the dream doors. Through this opening, those who walk both worlds may reach the planet Lysandor while they dream and remain on their home world as they sleep. Dreamer, it is by this means you hear my tale.

The story I tell in this official record happened after I abandoned Earth and its inhabitants. By this time the war had lasted over a 500 years. I present the story of my beloved daughter – the fate of my race. This tale is set down so no one forgets that dragons became hunted in the world which was to be their sanctuary. Remember Gori. Remember the Dragon Wars.


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