Arajuan’s Freedom: An Aldaria Journal

I sat in my prison cell, chains on my wrists and a guard at my door. I admit the first few days I struggled, yanking at my chains. I tried to get out; I swore I’d kill Gori, my father, once freed. Now I was quiet, the fight having been tortured out of me. They demanded I swear allegiance to Gori once more, and if I did, I’d be free.

A lie, I stewed, I’d be his soldier, his annihilator. That wasn’t freedom. I had tasted freedom. I lived as a commoner with my bride and children. But if I got out of this cursed cell, I could start anew. I chuckled to myself, “starting anew” what was that, anyway?

“Raset,” I called, “I know you’re standing there. I have decided.”

“Then you will slay the other prisoner? You will kill your sister-in-law, Elewyn’s half-sister?”

“I will rend her through with eclipse, my blade will strike her down,” I growled.

I knew what I was doing. Raset snapped his fingers and the chains I once fought against slid from my wrists, the door to my cell swung open. I could just taste the freedom on my lips. I walked to my sister-in-law’s cell with an air of confidence. Her voice shook as she greeted me.

“Arajuan?” she whispered, “Would you betray me?”

I do not answer as her prison door swings open. I pull my sword.

“I gave myself for your freedom!” she cried.

I could hear her desperation. She reeked with fear, I grimaced.

“So I heard and now I free you through death!”

I stabbed her in the chest, no remorse. I transmitted a thought in her final moments. I had not betrayed her. Gori would one day regret what he did.
Dear sister this blade severs the soul from the material. Meet me, let your soul be bound to the place where I bury your body. Do not appear until I can disinter you. Oh, yes dear sister I have not betrayed you, I swore on the soul of Elewyn!

I requested to be the one to bury her, and it was granted. Having proven my loyalty Gori gave me his full trust. He returned my sight, Socrates and gave me time to tend the body of my sister-in-law. I buried her in the garden off the path under the large willow tree. Later that evening when no one could follow I returned under the guise of a pleasant garden walk. There my sister’s soul stood waiting.

“What is this?” she asked.

“Soul rend, a spell that keeps the soul forever trapped in the place it died. Elewyn too was soul-rended by my sword and is trapped in the house Gori slayed her in. I swear I will undermine him in every mission he gives me. I was ordered to kill you and I did. He did not say I could not revive you.”
I hurried to unbury her body, a swift glance to her soul I stabbed the body with my sword.

“Return,” I muttered.

Her body heaved as the wound healed. She sat up and embraced me. I let her go and pulled her to stand.

“I knew I was right to trust Elewyn, it was her I saw. You confirmed it. I will leave here and go into hiding. Call on me should you need me once more sire.”
She shoved a mirror into my hands and with a final clasp of her hands she vanished.

“I will,” I whispered to the wind.

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