I am Damien

Written by Damien Knight

I am Damien
Damien, who loves fishing with his dad,
Damien, who use to wear all black,
Mourning quietly for himself
I am Damien.
Damien, who hiked with his sisters
Damien, who was a girl scout
Damien, whose dad still insists
That he is a girl.
I am Damien.
Who gave birth to son.
Damien, who wore dresses and make-up
Damien, who tried to be that girl.
I am Damien!
Who held an alternate persona
Deep inside, strong persistent it cried
“I am Damien!”
Damien, who birthed a daughter,
Damien, who couldn’t grieve any more
Who took every pill
I am Damien
Damien, who was tired of living
So, for the 20th plus time
Attempted suicide, but
I am Damien!
Damien, who was institutionalized
For the 11th and final time
Damien, whose doctor knew
I was not a girl!
I was never a girl!
I am Damien!
Who liked Pokémon and dolls
Who played dress up as a kid
And was always the male character
I am Damien!
Damien, who dreamed of dinosaurs
And going to Disney world dressed as a boy
When he was only 6 years old
And all the pain, melted
Knowing that

Hi! If you would like to support my transitioning journey click The Shadow’s Journey.  Thank you for your support!



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