To My Fair Maiden

By Damien Knight
I am happiest when she smiles upon me
I gasp a pleasing breath to taste her scent
If she is hurting I run to her aid
If she cries my shoulder is for her
I will come to comfort my beloved
If I must I will kiss her tears away
I will ease her pain and erase longing
To her alone I will surrender
I who prefer conquering and domination
Submit only to my princess, my queen.
I can conquer all so long as I surrender
So long as I am her man I am to be feared
My smile, My joy is in her service
Any who wish her harm will suffer
Those who truly love my beloved be blessed
My goddess has hair golden as the sun
My fair maiden is lovelier than Aphrodite
She makes Venus envious of her beauty
All the divine, the gods and the angels
Wonder at my fairest of Maidens
I am blessed beyond measure
Graced with her love and adoration
The affection of one lovelier than Helen of Troy
Is a treasure I will value above any other
I honor her at the altar of love
I am unworthy of her love
She has been immortalized by men
I am her warrior, her undead knight
Her blood, her essence sustains me
I love no one more than I do her
I am her Knight who waits in the shadow
Her lover and she my beloved Goddess
I desire only to please her, to caress her
I will adore her forever, my beloved


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