Ache of Love

By Damien Knight

Love, Why do I love?
Why can I not forget you?
You encompass my dreams.
You cause me to ache.
The pain is my pleasure.
The ache I desire most
is your lips against my own.
I swore to protect you,
to defend you with my life
that I may never lose you
as I had once before.
And so I will embrace you.
I will serve you with my adoration.
I will stand beside you until the end,
so long as you will accept me.
I, who am crude, blunt, and cruel
loves you above all other women.
You who can heal me with your love
or destroy me by denying affection,
I cannot survive without you.
I long to wake and find you at my side
but even I who is hopeful
know you will never be my bride.
Still I can have no other wife.
No woman will satisfy the ache.
The empty ache of misery,
only subsides when I hear your voice,
when I touch your skin with my lips,
when my hands smooth your hair,
when I am close enough to love you.
I am a physical lover.
Touch is my lifeline, holding you
is as much a need as breathing.
Your kiss is a need like water.
Your love keeps me alive.
You are beautiful beyond measure.
You are fun and lighthearted.
We laugh together and share our lives,
and when you left me I suffered.
My tears were the result of my loneliness.
Finding you was finding
a missing piece of me.
And nothing makes me happier,
than having you return to me.
I will never leave you, I no longer
will even try to leave or forget,
Because you are where my heart lies.
So beloved you are my hearts desire.
You are the missing piece of me.
You are special to me
I want you to feel as such
By making you the only woman
I can ever truly love

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