By Damien Knight

The Poem I am about to share I wrote in April of 2010 near the Anniversary of the death of my beloved friend Misty. May her killer be found and she rest in peace.

Dear Misty

Today 7 days late
And I remember you are gone
It was cruel, cruel fate
That without you I live on

Misty I am sorry, I apologize
I thought you were ready
I just did not realize
Your footing wasn’t steady

You promised to stay with me
But I told you to go
All I wanted. Why didn’t I see
I just didn’t know

I waited by your bed for you
Holding the teddy bear you once did
I knew you would stay true
I thought of you and your kid

We’d share our lives
You would come back I swore
The pain like a thousand knives
They said you were gone, my nevermore

They said you choose not to come
They out right lied
They played me for dumb
But then I learned you died

No you were stolen
Murdered, cut down cold
My Misty, my eyes are swollen
It was your hand I use to hold

I am to blame, If I said stay
You would be at my side
I wouldn’t cry today
you wouldn’t have had to die

On April 5 2005 my close friend Misty was found dead. She was 18 and spent her 19th birthday in the Morgue. She shared a room with me in a rehab facility. She went home a month before her body was found. I admit I blame myself I told her to go. She worried that she would not be ready…. I miss you Misty

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