Video Games: Everyone Got Lazy

Transcribed By:  Damien Knight in 2011

Jayson five years old. In his toyroom, it’s a mess with toys, his schoolwork is spread on his desk. He wears a messy long sleeve red shirt and washed out denim jeans. He smiles real bright.

(he stands on the kitchen chair in front of his table and begins to talk)

It it’s uh well about star wars. Like there is bad guys by the one thing. I dunno, all I can say is Star Wars. We all play star wars me and my friends. Oh there’s a wii at at my school. Yeah at the school. Mhm Yeah the Wii is not like the Wii U because it’s different its super different. (He laughs spreading his arms out. Very excited like near falling from his chair) Uhuh its and uh go and there is the Wii U and then there will be a new Wii though I dunno what kind. After the Wii U. I really like the Gameboy. And I like all the game systems. Like the iPad. Yes it has games on it. The iPad has games right? Uhuh. It has video games, Facebook. Yeah, I don’t disregard it. Facebook has games, like the game popper one, like boom. (mocks explosion with his hands) I really like all of them. Yeah. All the facebook games are nice.  Did you know that? I love the, yeah, you know my star wars game I have, I have Lego Star wars for the X-box. He plays all the games, Skyrim. I feel good about it cuz its Ahhh. (He yells the Ahh enthusiastically as if he started to say awesome but doesn’t finish.) Did you know that? A remote? I like remotes, with remote and no remote. I want all games with a remote. I really want the remote, all them. Remote with one hand yes. Yeah. You know sometimes with iPhones and sometimes not. I think sometimes we need board games. You know like Dinosaur Train. I think everyone has got lazy cause they want video games and stuff, not board games. I think a long time ago when there was wars and stuff people didn’t have video games. There was nothing, no tv no nothing. During the time period of the 39 steps. Yeah cause there was no TV because of war.  I have one TV, Nana has two TVs no wait three. Video Games are so fun. I like Video Games

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