By Damien Knight
So Wonder of Life Farm, my parents farm, has for some reason banned me from commenting and liking stuff.

I am sorry I didn’t turn out to be the child you wanted Dad ok. And mom I have no idea if you had a thing to do with it but I think I shouldn’t be treated differently from my sisters. I have been going to school and raising two kids the best I can. I fought to be happy and instead of being happy for me you add to my misery. I commented last on how big my niece had grown. I made no offense. I have so much hurt inside right now. How is it that the people who are suppose to love unconditionally can be so cruel. I am angry, very angry, and disappointed. As Christians they are suppose to accept others and love them but the sad thing is many religious parents do the exact opposite. The hypocrisy isn’t even what hurts its the fact that a father will turn on his own child just because that child decides to be who they are. Dad you really don’t care do you, not one bit that you hurt me. You don’t care to try to understand how long I suffered in silence. So would any other family members want to walk out the fucking door who else is going to toss me out like trash?

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