A Deep Loss

By Damien Knight

Today the unimaginable happened my father disowned me. My dad has often been sick. I have spent months worrying about him. I have always loved him and looked up to him. To a son the loss of a father is a big deal to me it’s more than that. It’s a loss of going fishing and sharing the same music. It’s a loss of years going camping. A loss for my children who love their grandfather. This is more than just me it’s a loss for my family.

The loss of him is unbearable. The loss of shared laughs and hugs. No longer being able to say I love you or visit. Would it have been better if I never came out as trans-gendered? Damn Dad haven’t you enough regrets didn’t you already lose one son? Why disown me? Would you be happier if I never lived? I won’t bear the regrets on my deathbed.

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