A New Light, A New Day

Wow, so here we are, my own real web page and our first real blog. Where to start? I have been writing for years, I used to keep an active blog on Myspace. Does anybody remember Myspace? Shesh, I am old right. After that, I got a Live Journal, I admit no one ever read that but not because I wasn’t interesting. I barely ever posted. I always kept a journal growing up, too. My first “diary” I was eleven. I loved writing, would write stories and poetry as a kid.
We have started The Shade of Writing as a Shadow’s Lair family venture. The Shadow’s Lair Family is a family of two dads and two kids, not to unusual. We love to travel, and will post about our travels, everyday lives, fantasy writings, and just a general hodgepodge of things. We also have a goal to one day own a family farm and shop. We will use this blog to update our progress on this goal. For those of you who found this after following the Shadow’s Lair for years, thank you for your continued support. If this is your first time reading our writing, welcome and thank you.


Left to Right Cera, Jayson, Damien, Aaron, 2011 Maryland Hiking trip


By Damien Knight

Blind my world spins around me
I search for that which I don’t see
A perfect soul to match my beat
A friend who can take the heat
Are you brave enough to withstand
My every trick, my slight of hand
Then dare you speak to me
The dark man who does not see

Shooting Star

By Damien Knight

Last night I saw something amazing
Amazing like you Lady of Dreams
It was a shooting star falling
Falling through the sky
Sky dark lit by a full moon
Moon bright like your eyes
Eyes that pierce the soul
Soul like this star that I wished upon
Wished upon it for you
For you to finally find me
Find me because I am lost without you


By: Damien Knight

is wide awake dreaming
is a crowded room alone
is darkness light
is lost never found
the oxymoron is
this dead life that
I keep insiting upon
black blood drips
upon her delicate
pale living flesh
and I slip
into a realistic fantasy
as the death mixes
with her life
a pleasurable sea
but eventually I awake
and the oxymorons
are all dried up
with my empty tears

The Wraith

By: Damien Knight

I felt a desire to do a macabre style art and this wraith was the result. Skulls have detail that make them a bit more difficult to draw than I initially expected but the result was worth it. I really like the flow of hair too. Hope y’all like it.



I Held Her

I held her
for a moment
the smell of her
Long black hair
I gazed upon her
for a while
holding to her
bright green eyes
I touched her
in an instant
feeling her
soft pale skin
I drifted
for an eternity
in her arms
only to wake
To wake and find
that once again
I was dreaming
and she is not real


By Damien Knight




Medusa 2010


My first piece of Cartoon style art was this painting. I did this piece back in 2010. It took me a while to realize I needed to paint the background first. Because I did not paint a background first there is a lot of white gaps on this painting. This is acrylic on paint-board.



Full Size



Look Past

Look past the dark brown hair
The speckled green eyes
Look Past the shit eatting grin
I seem to be grinning at you
Look past the walls and barriers
I have constructed so gingerly
Look past the bitter hatred
That is the door to me
Look past and see
That in your hands the key
Look past then look forward
into my eyes lost and empty
Look forward and know
Only you can now free me
Look forward and stare into the soul
For there lies the true goal
Look away you should not
Because then it would break me
Look away and you will never see
The kind of man I could be
Look past my faults
Give me the chance
Look into the heart of me
Unlock the door with the hearts key