A New Light, A New Day

Wow, so here we are, my own real web page and our first real blog. Where to start? I have been writing for years, I used to keep an active blog on Myspace. Does anybody remember Myspace? Shesh, I am old right. After that, I got a Live Journal, I admit no one ever read that but not because I wasn’t interesting. I barely ever posted. I always kept a journal growing up, too. My first “diary” I was eleven. I loved writing, would write stories and poetry as a kid.
We have started The Shade of Writing as a Shadow’s Lair family venture. The Shadow’s Lair Family is a family of two dads and two kids, not to unusual. We love to travel, and will post about our travels, everyday lives, fantasy writings, and just a general hodgepodge of things. We also have a goal to one day own a family farm and shop. We will use this blog to update our progress on this goal. For those of you who found this after following the Shadow’s Lair for years, thank you for your continued support. If this is your first time reading our writing, welcome and thank you. Feel free to follow us on Patreon.


Left to Right Cera, Jayson, Damien, Aaron, 2011 Maryland Hiking trip


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Love the Memory

by Damien Knight

Love every bit of her
Her smile, her laugh
the good times we had
and even the bad

I love every moment
and every memory
tainted, faded by time
for then she was mine


Falling Again

By Damien Knight

Her name on my lips I sigh
How can I make her mine
Promises given and broken
All that pain left unspoken

Every day that I let pass
This chance could be the last
I am falling for her again
Why can’t we just be friends

I give my vow of devotion
As the moon does the ocean
Like the Prince to Odette
A vow I can’t forget

Dare I ask her back into me
When it was I who set her free
I can’t let go of her
I promised our love was forever


Damien Knight

Like the pheonix I rise

I won’t give into false love

The fire in my eyes

I stand a league above

You thought you pinned me

I won’t wear the collar

Thought we could agree

But I like me better

As a man alone, strong

Not played by your game

your strategy is wrong

and iI refuse the blame

Out of the ashes of lies

I embrace my heart

Like the pheonix I rise

No longer torn apart

Five Words That Describe Me

By Damien Knight


Listed below are five words I feel describe me and why I picked them.

  1. Determined. No matter what task it is I set out I am determined to see it through.
  2. Intelligent. I am fairly smart. Mostly just wordy.
  3. Introvert. I like keeping to myself for the most part.
  4. Active. I love outdoor sports. Let’s go hiking!
  5. Nerdy/Geeky. Love nerd geek culture. Video Games, yes please! Doctor Who, check! Debate Marvel vs DC sure let’s roll!

Anyway these are 5 words that describe me.