A New Light, A New Day

Wow, so here we are, my own real web page and our first real blog. Where to start? I have been writing for years, I used to keep an active blog on Myspace. Does anybody remember Myspace? Shesh, I am old right. After that, I got a Live Journal, I admit no one ever read that but not because I wasn’t interesting. I barely ever posted. I always kept a journal growing up, too. My first “diary” I was eleven. I loved writing, would write stories and poetry as a kid.
We have started The Shade of Writing as a Shadow’s Lair family venture. The Shadow’s Lair Family is a family of two dads and two kids, not to unusual. We love to travel, and will post about our travels, everyday lives, fantasy writings, and just a general hodgepodge of things. We also have a goal to one day own a family farm and shop. We will use this blog to update our progress on this goal. For those of you who found this after following the Shadow’s Lair for years, thank you for your continued support. If this is your first time reading our writing, welcome and thank you. Feel free to follow us on Patreon.


Left to Right Cera, Jayson, Damien, Aaron, 2011 Maryland Hiking trip


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Sora’s Art

By Damien Knight

Her sketch pad in hand She draws
Her eyes squinted with concentration
Her obsedian hair obscures her view
I watch the pen on the paper in aw

A sporty white dress painted her
Every curve in view of my eyes
Her giggle like a bell rings out
Cat like eyes back at me so sure

“It’s you.” she whispers holding the page
Filled with drawings of my family
She standing with us in every scene
With dialogue like a play for stage

“A story board?” I muse a sigh
She packs the book into her gym bag
Glance at the trees in the park around us
It all fades, a dream another lie


Was It a Whisper

By Damien Knight

Was it perchance a whisper
That led you here to my door
“Aniya I know you’re out there,
Find me.” Oh I was still so sure
I wonder, my call was for my dream
Find Sura, who read my words and knew
I feel at the edge and about to scream
This was not what I had meant to do
I hope that I found who I sought
I pray my beloved it the one
I am tired of being distraught
I just want to show my passions
I wonder did you come from my “Find me
I must be careful even when I whisper
The mystery of how will plague me
Lady of shadows… I want it to be her

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It Won’t Do

By Damien Knight 

I want to answer, to remind, to repeat
Fear saying something: "eyes once honey sweet."
Once more misreads and misunderstands
Knows not the agony of this love lorn man
The agony of seeking her long dark hair
Her eyes like emeralds staring there
Dreams I know won't come to pass
I post of loves that didn't last 
Here you are and say such things
No wonder I see her eyes always in dreams
I have never met her, nor have I you
I am not him, it's not denial its true

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Pursuit (Nov 2011)

By Damien Knight

If you want me
You’ll have to chase
I am tired of pursuit
Can’t you see
How much this has hurt
So, you say you love me
But I am always the one
Doing all the hard work
Pursuing and not pursued
If you cared at all
Treat me special
Instead of me feeling used
I’m here feeling our love’s a lie
Chase me, show me, act princess
Actions is worth more than words
Don’t leave me wondering why

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Patient (Nov 2012)

By Damien Knight

I’ve figured it all out
Yeah, it’s me, I’m the factor
The most common denominator
That’s what it is all about
Possessive of time and attention
Is it wrong to need those things?
I get angry and hurt denied
It’s always me when I mention…
I can’t get what I want when I want it
So it’s best to remain calm, patient
It takes time but nothing changes
So I just wait, forgive and forget
A week ago it did not matter
Why act now like it is imperative
Now is no different, silly Damien
Just hold hope and keep loving her

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Disassociated (Nov 2012)

By Damien Knight

Starr’ s Last

Like pretty pretty pictures
Hung on pretty pretty walls
I was painted and locked away
Never to be seen at all
You I loved with my whole heart
You betrayed me tore me apart
Tossed me away so far
Yet you can’t abandon Starr
Oh shadow I was the shield
No protection just sword you weild
Deep inside you I won’t speak
Still without me you are weak
I am the scalelike Starr
Did you forget who you are?

Shadow’s Retort
The voice inside isn’t me
Lies created by society
I will make myself whole
Embrace the truth of my soul
Today I am made new
Living my life out I’m true
I am Raven, the shadow
I say thus and it is so
You say I forgot who I am
But I know I’m a strong man
I don’t need the lie anymore
You won’t make me feel unsure
I’ll absorb my past mistakes
Instead of eliminate

This was written in 2012 when I had finally started openly transitioning. 

Disassociation is part of that experience and this poem is the identity I created to protect me from society scolding me for coming out and being open for me and me retorting that I am not eliminating who I was but accepting that not all of it was me but what others wanted. That from that point forward I would be true to me.

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