A New Light, A New Day

Wow, so here we are, my own real web page and our first real blog. Where to start? I have been writing for years, I used to keep an active blog on Myspace. Does anybody remember Myspace? Shesh, I am old right. After that, I got a Live Journal, I admit no one ever read that but not because I wasn’t interesting. I barely ever posted. I always kept a journal growing up, too. My first “diary” I was eleven. I loved writing, would write stories and poetry as a kid.
We have started The Shade of Writing as a Shadow’s Lair family venture. The Shadow’s Lair Family is a family of two dads and two kids, not to unusual. We love to travel, and will post about our travels, everyday lives, fantasy writings, and just a general hodgepodge of things. We also have a goal to one day own a family farm and shop. We will use this blog to update our progress on this goal. For those of you who found this after following the Shadow’s Lair for years, thank you for your continued support. If this is your first time reading our writing, welcome and thank you. Feel free to follow us on Patreon.


Left to Right Cera, Jayson, Damien, Aaron, 2011 Maryland Hiking trip


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Final Draft Chapter Four Homecoming: Disgrace?

“If you fail, I will deliver
the most severe of punishments.
Pain and suffering will be your only friend.”
Gori to Arajuan

The warm sun could not cheer Arajuan’s defeat and losing the twins would cause him even greater pain. He had taken a full troop of men but now he had enough left for one platoon. As they marched towards Lenagard, he halted the men and sniffed the morning air. Mika, she must be taking the hatchling.
“Into cover now, we don’t have the men to fight another dragon!” He ordered.

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My Truth

By Damien Knight

Here we are my dear
You say you’ll forget
But my words were serious
I am not a man of jest
Maybe in the future
I can have Aniya for my own
My heart filled with doubt
For now I’ll be alone
I still love you true
Always support your dreams
Princess it wasn’t easy
I had to set you free

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By Damien Knight

Are you waiting for me
To sprinkle words like dew?
Where is Raven? Won’t he crow?
Asking for verses new?
I know you’re there,
Or is it cocky to assume?
Aniya, my goddess fair
I wonder if it’s you.
No, none exist who
Could be as she.
I suffer heart wrenched
Loves woeful agony.

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A Dream

By Damien Knight

Aniya, I am ever seeking
Her grace a dream I hold.
Lady I beg embrace me.
I feel so very cold.
Every night I sleep
There you are.
I wake alone & weep.
You exist in stars
But not reality.
Increasingly alone
Drowning in this sea.
Who is my own?
Aniya set me free.

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Past, Be Free

By Damien Knight

Tears on the page
I cut the line
Tied your heart to mine
I feel it is sage
Yet inside I cry
I meant every plea
Asked you to marry me
It’s a hopeless lie
Tired, always other men
You have loved more than I
Breaking me I’d rather die
Than do this all again
I have to do as you
Admit it’s past and let go
So you can grow
My love remains true

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Damien! An Acrostic Poem

By Damien Knight

Dinosaurs are my passion,
Archaeology my second .
Music is my breath.
Intelligence alludes me
Eager to learn more,
Never quite sure.

Soaring, call me Raven,
Koraki, the black bird.
Youthful despite my age,
Enthusiastic with love.

King of his own castle.
Never means to let you down.
Is loyal to a fault.
Generous beyond belief.
Humble, shy, but not meek.
That’s who I am.

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